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We started Message Graphics  about 15 years ago as a way to earn extra income to support our family in ministry and in our mission endeavors in different parts of the world.  Since that time we've invested more time in mission work than ever before.  The profits we make from Message Graphics help us in this work.

Our  non-profit ministry, Message Ministries and Missions Inc. with the help of:

  • A Board of Directors
  • A Group of Supporting Churches and Ministries
  • A Group of Supporting  Individuals and Businesses.
  • A Great God who Loves the Whole World and sent His Son Jesus Christ to prove it.

Does mission work in various countries around the world including India and Peru. 

Here are some of the things we are presently involved in:

  • Support of 10 Loaves and Fishes Feeding Centers in Peru
  •  A Vocational Training Center in Lomas de Carabayllo in Peru
  • Building Pre-Fab Homes for Needy Families in Peru
  • Eyeglass Clinic/Outreaches
  • Christmas Blessing Project - Gifts for Children
  • The Hearts on Fire Bible School in Peru
  • The Peru Cross Street Youth Camp
  • Disaster Relief 
  • Help Support and Orphanage in North India
  • Help Support Indigenous Pastors and Missionaries to the Unreached Regions of India.
We welcome your involvement in any of the ministries listed above.  To get more information just hit the links provided which will take you to our website and facebook pages.

Thank you for your part in what we do, whether it is purchasing products which help send us out or whether it is the direct support of one of our mission endeavors.

In His service,

Brian Weller

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Message Ministries

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